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Board Members

*National Management Committee*


Catherine Mulligan

*Past President*

Michel Khouday

*President Elect*

Brenda McCabe

*SVP & Chair, Regional Coordinating Committee*

Wade Zwicker

*Honorary Treasurer*

Mark Scanlon

*VP, Administration Coordinating Committee*

Peter Langan

*Vice President, Technical Divisions and Committees*

Gopal Achari

*Vice President, Technical Programs*

Gordon Lovegrove

Vice President, Atlantic Region

Samuel Richard

Vice President, Quebec Region

Frédéric Brunet

Vice President, Ontario Region

Peter Calcetas

Vice President, Prairie Region

Vaibhav Banthia

Vice President,Western Region

Mackenzie Walker

Vice President, International

Bing Chen

Member at Large representing Corporate members

Glenn Hewus

Member at Large representing Council of Heads and Chairs

Dagmar Svecova

In addition to the above elected Director positions, which are voting positions on the Board, there are two non-voting positions on the Board appointed by others:

Representative – Canadian Geotechnical Society (non-voting)  Mario Ruel

Chair, Student Affairs Committee Charles-Darwin Annan
Chair, Young Professional Committee Rami Mansour
Chair, Conference Committee Graham Sterparn
Chair, History Committee Mike Bartlett
CChair, Honours and Fellowships Committee Gordon Jin
Technical Divisions & Committees
Chair, Cold Regions Division Matthew Follett
Chair, Construction Division Michel Khouday
Chair, Engineering Management Committee Constantine Katsanis
Chair, Engineering Mechanics/Materials Division Alam Shahria
Chair, Environmental Division Kelvin Ng
Chair, Hydrotechnical Division Kerry Mazurek
Chair, Innovation and IT Committee George Akhras
Chair, Structures Division Ashraf El Damatty
Chair, Sustainable Development Committee Kerry Black
Chair, Transportation Division Michel Khouday
Technical Programs
Chair, Engineering Practice Committee TBD
Chair, Education and Research Committee TBD
Chair, Asset Management Committee Mike Benson
Chair, Technical Publications Committee Farnaz Sadeghpour
Editor, CJCE Nihar Biswas
NLT Coordinator James Garland

Reporting to the VP International
International Affairs Committee Jeanne Huang