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Student Competitions

CSCE organizes various student competitions to suit different interests and ambitions in civil engineering. These competitions are a great way for our future civil engineers to challenge themselves and apply their knowledge to projects outside of the classroom.


This competition/Award is based on the Student Chapter Annual Report. Submission of the annual report is mandatory for all CSCE student chapters. Reports are evaluated and awards are given to deserving student chapters. Award winners are invited to accept their awards during the CSCE annual Conference.


This competition takes place during the CSCE Annual Conference in the summer. It recognizes the top student papers submitted and presented at the conference. Application deadline is the same as the conference abstract deadline set by the conference.


The annual CSCE Capstone competition is held during the CSCE Annual Conference in the summer. This competition is open to all senior undergraduate students in an accredited Canadian civil engineering program. Each civil engineering department is invited to submit a nomination for a single entry into the competition in any specialty area of the field (Structural, Construction, Geotechnical, Geomechanics, Hydraulics and Water Resources, Transportation or Environmental Engineering), for projects completed during the preceding academic year. The selected teams attend the annual CSCE conference where they present their projects in a poster session before a jury of experienced practitioners.


The CSCE National Concrete Canoe competition and the CSCE-CISC National Steel Bridge competition are two distinct competitions where civil engineering student teams from across the country come together each year to share their passion for the use of the two major construction materials. These events are often supported by the industry. The concrete canoe competition is judged based on the governing engineering design and construction principles, technical design report, oral presentation, and the performance of the built concrete canoe in different racing events. The steel bridge competition is judged based on display, structural efficiency, stiffness, lightness, construction speed and economy. The CSCE-CISC steel bridge competition welcomes student teams from Mexico, China and Puerto Rico. The National Steel Bridge competition is held in collaboration with the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.